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Olivier Giovannoni, currently visiting lecturer at the Department of Economics at the University of Texas at Austin. In 2006 he was a post-doctoral fellow at the LBJ School of Public Affairs

He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Nice, France. His Ph.D. dissertation is titled "Distribution, Growth and Economic Policies-The case of the United States."

The international committee awarded him a summa cum laude award, and I benefited from a 4-year teaching fellowship and a 3-year research grant (best awards in France).

He is mostly interested in teaching and conducting research on macroeconomics and international economics/finance, whether it be theoretical, empirical or in terms of economic policies. He specializes in growth theories, income distribution (inequality and wages/profits) and international comparisons.



  • 2007 The Fed's Real Reaction Function: Monetary Policy, Inflation, Unemployment, Inequality and Presidential Politics (with James Galbraith and Ann Russo), submitted to the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

  • 2007 What did the Fed do after Inflation died? requested by the International Journal of Political Economy

  • 2007 American Growth: a Stochastic Accelerator Interpretation a la Samuelson/Galbraith, submitted to the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (Job Market Paper)
  • 2007 Comparison of the Franco-American models and lessons for France in the proceedings of Quelle voie pour la France?, conference du Groupe Socialiste at the French Senate, June 30 2006, Imprimerie du Senat, Paris.

  • 2007 What Drives Profits?, in Hein & Truger (eds.) Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies, Edward Elgar, London (with Alain Parguez)


    For more information, please visit Olivier Giovannoni.

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