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Laura Spagnolo, graduated from Torcuato Di Tella University in 2000 with a major in International Relations and a minor in International Economics. Research for her senior thesis was passed with special mention.

After that, from 2000 to 2003, Laura took a job with a public agency involved in decentralization and economic development of the Argentine provinces, the Federal Investments Council, CFI.

From 2003 to 2005 she completed a master degree in Public Affairs at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. Now she is pursuing her doctorate at the same school. Since 2005 she has been an integrant of the University of Texas Inequality Project (UTIP) led by James K. Galbraith. Her main research interests are income inequality, poverty and social policy in Latin America.



  • Spagnolo, Laura. 2010. "Desigualdad Salarial en Argentina por Sector de Actividad Económica y Jurisdicciones Geográficas entre 1994-2007." in Políticas Públicas y Razón Populista. El Modelo Progresista de Kirchner: 2003-2007, edited by Elina Mecle. Buenos Aires: Proyecto Editorial.

  • Galbraith, James, Laura Spagnolo, and Daniel Munevar. 2008. "Inequidad Salarial y Pobreza Urbana en Cuba durante el Periodo Especial." in Procesos de Urbanización de la Pobreza y Nuevas Formas de Exclusión Social. Los Retos de las Políticas Sociales de las Ciudades Latinoamericanas del Siglo XXI, edited by Alicia Ziccardi. Bogotá: Siglo del Hombre Editores.

  • Spagnolo, Laura, Alvaro Quezada, and Viviana Salinas. 2008. "Growth with Equity? Pay Inequality in Chile during the Democratic Era (1990-2006)." UTIP Working Paper No. 46, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

  • Spagnolo, Laura and Daniel Munevar. 2008. "After Years of (Economic) Solitude: Neoliberal Reforms and Trends in Manufacturing Sector Pay Inequality in Colombia." UTIP Working Paper No. 47, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

  • Galbraith, James K., Laura Spagnolo, and Daniel Munevar. 2008. "Inequidad Salarial en Cuba durante el Periodo Especial " América Latina Hoy 48:109-138.

  • Galbraith, James K., Laura Spagnolo, and Sergio Pinto. 2007. "Economic Inequality and Political Power: A Comparative Analysis of Argentina and Brazil." Business and Politics 9(1).

  • Interviews

  • Interview of James K. Galbraith, Economic Supplement, Página 12 (Argentine Newspaper), August 13, 2006. Available at: http://www.pagina12.com.ar/diario/suplementos/cash/17-2566-2006-08-14.html

  • Presented papers at the following Conferences:

  •    The XXIX International Congress of Latin American Studies Association (LASA). October 6-9, 2010. Toronto, Canada. Paper accepted.

  •   9o Congreso Nacional de Estudios del Trabajo, Asociacion Argentina de Especialistas en Estudios del Trabajo (ASET). Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 5-7, 2009. Attended.

  •    Declining Inequality After the Crisis of Neo-liberalism: Evidence from Argentina, Brazil and Chile, 1990-2007.” 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA), Boston, Massachusetts ~ August 28-31, 2008. Presented.

  •    The XXVIII International Congress of Latin American Studies Association (LASA). June 11-14, 2009. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Paper Presented.

  •    2009 National Conference of Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA). April 2-5, 2009. Chicago, Illinois. Paper Presented.

  •    2008 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA), Boston, Massachusetts. August 28-31, 2008. Paper Presented.

  •    8th World Congress of RSAI 2008, São Paulo, Brazil, March 17-19, 2008. Paper Presented by co-author.

  •    2008 Latin American Social and Public Policy Conference, The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, February 14-15, 2008. Paper Presented.

  •    XXVIII Annual ILASSA Student Conference, The University of Texas at Austin, February 7-9, 2008. Paper Presented.

  •    The Poverty, Economic Integration and International Trade Conference, Latin American Council for Social Sciences (CLACSO-CROP) and Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (UASB), Quito, Ecuador, November 27-29, 2007. Paper accepted.

  •    The XXVII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), Montreal, Canada, September 5-8, 2007. Paper Presented.

  •    Conference on Distribution, Equality and National Economic Policies In The Globalization Era: Centro de Estudios sobre Ciencia, Desarrollo y Educación Superior (REDES), Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 22-23, 2007. Paper Presented.

  •    Economic Pluralism for the 21st Century Conference, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 1-3, 2007. Paper Presented.

  •    Urban Poverty and New Forms of Social Exclusion Conference, CLACSO-CROP-IIS/UNAM, Mexico City, November 21-23, 2006. Paper Presented.

  •    2006 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA), Philadelphia, August 30th-September 3, 2006. Paper Presented.

  •    The VIII Conference on Globalization and Development, Havana, Cuba, February 2006. Paper Presented.

  • Workshop

  •    Luxemburg Income Study Summer Workshop Series, University of Luxembourg Campus, Luxemburg, July 7th to July 12th, 2008.

  •    Advanced Graduate Workshop on Poverty, Development, and Globalization led by Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University's Initiative for Policy Dialogue and the Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester, England, June 25th-July 13th, 2007.

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