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Junmo Kim , Junmo Kim is an associate Professor at the Dept. of Public Admin, Konkuk University, in Seoul, Korea. Before coming to the University, he has served as an Associate Research fellow at the Science & Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) and Korea Inst. of Public Admin (KIPA).

His areas of interests include Science, Industrial & Technology Policy, Wage analysis, and Policy Evaluation. His major publications include The South Korean Economy (Ashgate 2002), R&D and Economy in Korea (iUniverse 2005), and “Are Industries destined toward Productivity Paradox?”( International Journal of Technology Management Vol. 29. 2005).



  • 2005 Globalization and Industrial Development (New York: iUniverse)

  • 2005 R&D and Economy in Korea (New York: iUniverse

  • 2004 Learning & Knowledge for the Network Society (Purdue University Press)
       Chapter 13:Network Buidling between Research Institutions and SMEs

  • 2001 Inequality and Industrial Change: A Global View
       Editors: James K. Galbraith and Maureen Berner.
       Chapter 13: The Legacy of the HCI : An Empirical Analysis of Korean Industrial Policy
       Cambridge University Press. June 2001

  • 2000 Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy : Opportunities and Challenges for the
       Knowledge Economy QUORUM Books Greenwood Publishing
       Editors : Pedro Conceicao, David V. Gibson, Manuel V. Heitor and Syed Shariq
       Chapter 22 An Empirical Approach to the Korean Industrial Policy August, 2000

  • Articles
  • "Will Technology Fusion induce the Paradigm Change of University Education?", Int'l Journal of Technology Management. Vol. 38, No.3. 2007.

  • 2007 "Why design does not work well for cluster policy?", Int'l Journal of Technology Management. Vol. 38, No.3. 2007.

  • "Determinants for Sustainability: CO2 Emission in Time Series Analysis.", Int'l Journal of Technology, Policy and Management(IJTPM) Vol. 6., No. 4 2006

  • "Are Industries Destined toward Productivity Paradox", Int'l Journal of Technology Management (IJTM) Vol. 29. No. 3/4 2005

  • "Economic Integration of Major Industrialized Areas: An Empirical Tracking of the Continued Trend." Technological Forecasting & Social Change: Vol. 67 No. 2.&3. June 2001.

  • "Economic Development and Its Impact on Occupational Grouping Structure in Korea 1971-1990" Technological Forecasting & Social Change Vol. 66. No. 1. Jan. 2001

  • "Industrial Policy Dilemmas: Entry Barriers and Cyclical Adjustments", The Korean Journal of Policy Studies. Volume 14, April, 2000

  • "Comparing Determinants of Industrial Performance between Korea and Japan based on a Wage Analysis", The Korean Journal of Policy Studies. Volume 13, Winter 1998

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