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Summer 2013:

  • On June 28, James Galbraith delivered a keynote lecture to the 50th anniversary symposium of the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Freie Universitšt Berlin. The talk is titled "How Come Europeans Understood the Political Economy of America So Much Better in 1861 than Today, and What Did Karl Marx Have to Do with That?" Listen here.

  • On June 27, James Galbraith keynoted a conference at the European Parliament entitled "Achieving Europe," sponsored by the parliamentary socialists and social democrats. Listen here. Brief closing statement here.

  • In Grenoble, France, on June 26, Wenjie Zhang presented a paper at the 1st International Conference on Public Policy. Her paper is entitled "From growth-based to service-centered: How the Chinese policymakers have transformed government functions to combat wage inequality during the reform era."

  • In Leeds on June 25, James Galbraith gave an FT Masterclass lecture entitled, "Inequality, Instability and the End of Normal." The introduction by Giuseppe Fontana is here. The lecture is here.

  • On June 20, James Galbraith gave a seminar on "Innovation and the Crisis" at the European Commission's Joint Research Center in Seville, Spain. Listen here.

  • In Thessaloniki on June 11, James Galbraith joined Alexis Tsipras and Yanis Varoufakis to speak before an audience of two thousand people at a meeting on the economic situation and the closing of Greek state television and radio. Listen here and watch here.

  • In Rome on June 4 and 5, James Galbraith gave talks on the European crisis at the Banca Popular di Vicenza and at the CGIL. Listen here and here. For the talk at the Banca Popular di Vicenza, watch here.

  • In Pula, Croatia, on May 30, James Galbraith gave a keynote lecture to a conference on the crisis in economic thought. Listen here.

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