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Fall 2013:

  • UTIP working paper No. 63 has been produced recently. The paper is entitled "A Brief Note on Deunionization and Pay Inequality in Turkey". Read here.

  • On November 14, James Galbraith gave the first Robert A Solo memorial lecture at the Michigan State University. Listen here.

  • On November 9, James Galbraith, Branko Milanovic, Joshua Pryor and Mark Weisbrot spoke on a panel on "The Challenge of Global Inequality" at the APPAM Fall research conference. The panel was chaired by Timothy Noah. Galbraith's presentation is here and the audio is here.

  • On November 4/5, James Galbraith and Yanis Varoufakis hosted a conference in Austin entitled, "Can the Eurozone be Saved?" The full program is here. Video links to the proceedings are here.

  • November 1, 2013: New versions of EHII and UTIP-UNIDO have been posted to the data page. Data now span 1963-2008, with 4054 observations in 167 countries in UTIP-UNIDO, and 3872 observations in 149 countries in EHII. This work is being supported by INET.

  • On October 24, James Galbraith gave a keynote talk in Rome to the Bertinotti conference on Democracy in Europe. Listen here.

  • On October 17, James Galbraith won the Runner up Prize Winner for his book Inequality and Instability at the 17th Annual University Co-op Robert W. Hamilton Book Awards.

  • On October 8, James Galbraith gave a talk entitled "From the Crisis to the Crazies" to a meeting of the Bexar County Democrats. The speech was held up for an hour or so by a procedural wrangle, happily resolved. But part of it involved a 2-1 vote against allowing the speaker to speak, until the issue was dealt with. Listen here.

  • On September 13 in Washington James Galbraith spoke on a panel sponsored by the non-profit Better Markets, on the fifth anniversary of the fall of Lehman. Fellow panelists included Neil Barofsky, the former SIGTARP, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

  • UTIP working paper No. 62 has been produced recently. The paper is entitled "Deunionization and Pay Inequality in OECD Countries: A Panel Granger Causality Approach". Read here. This paper has recently been accepted for publication at Economic Modelling.

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