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Summer 2012:

  • On June 18, Foreign Affairs posted Gillian Tett's review of Inequality and Instability, at here. Much of it is behind a paywall but here is a snip: "Galbraith's timely and provocative book adds some economic and statistical ballast to the vague rhetorical slogans of the Occupy protesters. Drawing on meticulous academic research, it argues that the main source of the growing inequality across the world in recent years has been not industrial change, educational reform, or geopolitical shift but the financialization of the modern world."

  • On June 16, James Galbraith gave very brief remarks at the Plenary Dialogue on "Work, Unemployment and Migration" at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro. Listen here. Watch an on-the-spot interview here.

  • On June 14, James Galbraith gave a talk on Inequality and Instability to the Kreisky Forum in Vienna. This one is quite long but is possibly the fullest exposition of the book on this site. Listen here.

  • On June 11, James Galbraith gave a talk on "Inequality, Unemployment and the European Crisis" at the WZB (Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin). Listen here.

  • UTIP working paper No. 61 has been produced recently. The paper is entitled "Military Expenditures, Inequality, and Welfare and Political Regimes: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis". Read here.

  • On June 9, James Galbraith gave a keynote lecture to the "Transformation Congress" in Berlin, hosted by the DBG and other progressive German organizations, entitled "The Next Economic Top Model". Listen here. Watch here.

  • On June 6, Deutsche Welle published a column by James Galbraith in its "Transatlantic Voices" Section, entitled, "Solidarity is Europe's Only Hope." Read here.

  • On June 5 James Galbraith was on Bloomberg TV, talking about stimulus and austerity. Watch here.

  • On June 3, Media Matters host Bob McChesney interviewed James Galbraith on "Inequality and Instability." Listen here.

  • An interview in Playboy, of uncertain date but done during the 2011 AEA meetings in Denver, is now accessible on-line at here.

  • On May 31 James Galbraith was on “Sound off with Sasha, talking about "Inequality and Instability"; listen here.

  • On May 22 James Galbraith gave a talk on inequality at the OECD forum in Paris; listen here.

  • C-Span Book TV taped James Galbraith's speech on inequality at MIT on May 7. Watch here.

  • Naked Capitalism recently published James Galbraith's 2008 memo on the impending debacle. Read here.

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