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Fall 2012:

  • On December 12, James Galbraith spoke to a forum organized by the European Trade Union Institute in Brussels; the talk was entitled, "The crisis in the United States and Europe: A grim appraisal." View here, along with the introduction by ETUI Director General Philippe Pochet. The ETUI news story on the event is here.

  • On December 6, James Galbraith gave a keynote speech to the congress of IG Metall, the German trade union, in Berlin. The speech was entitled, "Beyond Candide and Cassandra." It is summarized by Yanis Varoufakis under the heading, "We all live under the dark cloud of the same crisis" here. Listen here. View here (with simultaneous German translation). Read here.

  • On Dec. 5 James Galbraith participated in a discussion of taxing the rich, held by the New York Times blog "Room for Debate". His "deficit-owl" position could be read here.

  • On Dec. 3 James Galbraith gave a keynote address to a conference entitled "The Return of Full Employment Policy" in Helsinki, Finland. The speech was entitled, "A Question of Institutions: Why in spite of reactionary ideas did the United States survive the Great Crisis while Europe has not?" View here.

  • The Real News Network recently ran a four part series of interviews with James Galbraith, on the fiscal-cliff-as-scam. Read here.

  • James Galbraith's interview with The Straddler in summer 2012 under the headline “Muddling Towards the Next Crisis" went live. Read here.

  • On November 29, Business Insider ran a long interview with James Galbraith. Read here.

  • On November 26, James Galbraith participated in a discussion with Ryan Grim and Bruce Fein on Al Jazeera English Inside Story. Read here.

  • On November 13, James Galbraith participated in a symposium on the fiscal cliff hosted by Washington EPS. Watch here. Dan Froomkin's story on it could be read here.

  • On November 9, Salon published "The Coming Debt Battle" Read here.

  • On November 8, James Galbraith recited a bit of Kipling, "The Dykes" and "Pagett, M.P." at "Poetry on the Plaza" at the University of Texas at Austin. Listen here.

  • On November 5, James Galbraith gave a lecture entitled "The Bleak Past and the Grim Future" at the Clinton School of Public Service. View here.

  • On November 4, James Galbraith spoke on "The Relevance of Galbraith's Economics Today" at Marlboro College, on the occasion of the dedication of the John Kenneth and Catherine Atwater Galbraith Reading Room at the college's library. Listen here.

  • On November 3, James Galbraith spoke on two panels at the Massachusetts Humanities Forum in Boston, on economic inequality. Listen here and here.

  • On October 28, James Galbraith spoke at the Texas Book Festival, on Inequality and Instability. Listen here.

  • On October 23, James Galbraith gave a lecture on inequality to the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, in memory of Academician Alexey Shevyakov. Listen here.

  • On October 20, James Galbraith spoke to the Salone dell'Editoria in Rome, on Inequality and Instability. Listen here.

  • On October 17, James Galbraith gave a talk on the economic situation to an association of real estate professionals in Paris. Listen here (en français).

  • On October 1, James Galbraith gave the opening speech at the 2012 Money and Banking Conference of the Central Bank of Argentina, at a session presided over by Mercedes Marco del Pont, the governor of the Argentine central bank. View here.

  • James Galbraith was on Brian Lehrer's "30 Issues in 30 days" program on WNYC on 9/24, speaking deficits, debt, Social Security and Medicare. Listen here.

  • On September 28, James Galbraith gave a keynote lecture at the 11th International Post Keynesian Conference in Kansas City, Missouri and a talk to the Jobs Now! Coalition, also in Kansas City. Listen here and here.

  • The Guardian on September 20 published a comment of James Galbraith on central bankers. Read here.

  • The Austrian magazine Format has an interview with James Galbraith on the Euro crisis. Read here.

  • Le Monde on September 20 has a few words of James Galbraith on Occupy Wall Street. Read here.

  • On September 19, James Galbraith spoke on "Inequality and Sustainability at the UNCTAD Trade and Development Board in Geneva. Listen here.

  • On September 5, Alternet ran a comment from James Galbraith on the challenge facing President Obama, at here. Versions appeared in Handelsblatt, Le Monde, Il Messaggero and in Pagina (Buenos Aires).

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