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Summer 2010:

  • James Galbraith's interview on U.S. Economy and deficit on Bloomberg 08/13/2010 can be watched here.

  • James Galbraith's recent comments on fiscal policy quoted by The Economist can be read here.

  • James Galbraith's recent comments against cutting Social Security and Medicare was published in The Daily Beast. Read here.

  • Alvaro Quezada-Hofflinger presented his paper "When Free Choices no Choice: The impact of Voucher Schools on Educational Inequality in Chilean Case" at annual conference Encuentros (the largest conference of young chilean researchers working in Europe)at Cambridge, UK on August 4-6, 2010. Check here.

  • James Galbraith was on WBAI (New York City community radio) talking against cutting Social Security and Medicare, Aug.2, 2010. Listen here.

  • Handelsblatt has translated and published James Galbraith's talk to the American Studies Association of Germany at the end of May. The article entitled "USA der Raubtier-Staat" is here.

  • The New York Times blog on Saturday posted a debate between Paul Krugman and James Galbraith. Read here and here.

  • The web-site of the French Socialist leader Segolène Royal has a page devoted to the economics of the Predator State (en français).Read here.

  • James Galbraith gave a talk to a Socialist International seminar 07/12/2010, on Poros. Listen here. Transcript here.

  • James Galbraith's essay headlined "Tremble, Banks, Tremble" was published in The New Republic on July 9. Read here.

  • James Galbraith gave an interview to Olivier Vilain of Le Courrier, published July 7 in Geneva. Read here (en français).

  • James Galbraith gave remarks twice at a conference of the Global Progressive Forum and Res Publica in Lisbon, July 9/10, including concluding remarks in advance of the speech by Prime Minister Socrates. Listen here and here. Transcripts here and here.

  • The FTD has a story on UTIP 07/06/2010. Read here.

  • The OECD has produced and posted a short video highlighting UTIP's work on inequality. Watch here.

  • James K. Galbraith’s recent testimony to the Bowles-Simpson deficit commission, on behalf of Americans for Democratic Action. It's up on the New Deal 2.0, Huffington Post and the Campaign for America's Future sites. German translation here.

  • James Galbraith's recent debate with Larry Kudlow over deficits on Kudlow's CNBC show 06/26/2010. Listen here.

  • James Galbraith testified to the Commission des Finances of the French Senat on June 18. Listen here.

  • James Galbraith gave an interview on June 19 in Paris alongside a group associated with the activist group "Attac;" the interview was later broadcast on the national radio network France Inter. The interview was recorded in a bar on the Rue Montorgeuil. Listen here.

  • James Galbraith presented UTIP's work to a seminar at the OECD in Paris, France on June 18, 2010. Listen here; powerpoint here.

  • James Galbraith gave brief remarks in Helsinki on June 11, 2010 to a conference entitled "Challenges of the Global Crisis to Macroeconomic Theory and International Finance" sponsored by the Bank of Finland and the Banca d'Italia. The conference was held in honor of the memory of the economist Pentti Kouri. The remarks were comments on a paper by E.S. Phelps of Columbia University, entitled "The Slump, the Recovery and the New Normal." Listen here; transcript here.

  • On June 8, James Galbraith gave a lecture at the Athens Economics University entitled, "The Great Crisis and the American Response." Listen here. Transcript here.

  • James Galbraith delivered a keynote lecture entitled "The Imperative of a Green New Deal" at an inaugural conference of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Social Research at the FSU Jena, Germany on June 4, 2010; the conference title was "Ways Out of Crisis." Listen here; transcript here.

  • James Galbraith delivered a keynote address, "The Great Crisis and the American Response" to the conference of the German-American Studies Association at Humboldt University, Berlin, May 27, 2010. Listen here. Read here.

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