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Spring Semester 2008:

  • James Galbraith's interview on Bloomberg Television, Friday May 16 can be found here (click on the link for video).

  • James Galbraith spoke at a seminar in San Jose, Costa Rica on Tuesday, May 13, sponsored by RUTA and LATN, entitled " Apertura Comercial: Desafios para el desarrollo rural, la pobreza y la desigualdad en Centroamerica. Construccion de una agenda de investigacionnes. The meeting agenda can be found here.

  • James Galbraith's interview on "Bloomberg on the Economy" on Monday, April 28 can be viewed here.

  • UTIP working paper 49, "Pay Inequality in Turkey in the Neo-Liberal Era: 1980-2001" by Adem Elveren and James Galbraith, is now available here.

  • James Galbraith delivered a paper entitled "The Generalized Minsky Moment", coauthored with Daniel Munevar, at the 17th annual Levy Economics Institute conference on the financial economics of Hyman Minsky, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson New York, on April 18, 2008. The conference program is here. The draft paper is available here, comments are welcome.

  • James Galbraith will deliver a keynote lecture at The McCormick Tribune Foundation Conference series on "Economic inequality and the hourglass economy: The decline of the middle class, The end of the American dream?" at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Wednesday, April 2. The lecture will be entitled: "American Economic Inequality: A Brief Tour of Some Facts."
    Update: Download the presentation here and an audio of the lecture here. Warning: the audio file is 55 MB.

  • James Galbraith will deliver the Twenty-Fifth Annual Milton Friedman Distinguished Lecture at Marietta College, Marietta Ohio, on Monday, March 31. The lecture will be entitled, "The Collapse of Monetarism and the Irrelevance of the New Monetary Consensus." For more details, click here. The lecture is available here.

  • James Galbraith's interview March 25 on Al-Jazeera's Riz Khan show can be watched here (Part One) and here (Part Two).

  • Conference Presentation:
    "Globalization and the dynamics of wages and regional inequality in the Brazilian and Argentinean labor market" by Laura Spagnolo and Alexandre Gori Maia (Institute of Economics - University of Campinas -Brazil)
    Conference: RSAI (Regional Science Association International) World Congress 2008)
    Date: March 17-19, 2008
    Location: University of São Paulo - Brazil

  • Two UTIP papers have been accepted for presentation at the 2008 American Political Science Association meetings in August. They are: "Government Policy and Inequality in China: Are the New Policies Having an Effect?" Division 16, and "State Income Inequality and Presidential Election Turnout and Outcomes", Division 36.

  • James Galbraith's interview March 16 with Ian Masters' Background Briefing on KPFK radio (Los Angeles) is available here.

  • Star-Telegram columnist Mitchell Schnurman quotes UTIP researcher Travis Hale. For more, click here

  • UTIP welcomes incoming Ph.D. student Jongmook Choe, of George Washington University, who will join the project in September.  Jongmook has already been making use of UTIP data in his research, and will present a paper entitled "Income Inequality and Crime in the United States" at the College of William & Mary Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, to be held in March 28 & 29th in Williamsburg, VA.  This paper has been accepted by Economic Letters.

  • Philip Nel, Professor of of International Relations and Head Department at University of Otago, NEW ZEALAND, has published his new book on inequality in developing countries, using our EHII data. For more details, see flyer.

  • A new paper "Inequality, Unemployment and Growth: New Measures for Old Controversies" by James Galbraith has been accepted by the Journal of Economic Inequality and will be forthcoming in 2009.

  • UTIP working paper 47 "After Years of (Economic) Solitude: Neoliberal Reforms and Pay Inequality in Colombia" has been produced by Laura Spagnolo and Daniel Munevar lately.

  • Two new data sets for the United States have been generated recently. Data I is a panel of estimated family income inequality, by state and year, 1969-2004. Data II is a vector of estimated household income segregation, between census blocks within states, for 1999.

  • A new Brookings Institution working paper "Upgrading Authoritarianism in the Arab World," by Professor Steven Heydeman, uses some of the UTIP-UNIDO database to document increasing income inequality in the Arab world.

  • An article by James Galbraith, Laura Spagnolo and Daniel Munevar, Inequidad Salarial en Cuba durante el Período Especial has been accepted and will appear in América Latina Hoy 2008, vol. 48 (abril).

  • UTIP working paper 46 "Growth with Equity? Pay Inequality in Chile during the Democratic Era (1990-2006)" has been produced lately.

  • An article by UTIP alumna Maureen Berner, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has received the Louis Brownlow Award of the American Society for Public Administration, presented for the best Public Administration Review article written by a practitioner. The full reference is: "Documenting Disparity in Minority Contracting: Legal Requirements and Recommendations for Policy Makers" Heather Martin, Maureen Berner and Frayda Bluestein. Public Administration Review Volume 67, Number 3 May-June 2007. 511-520.

  • Professor Andrew Gelman of the Department of Statistics and Political Science at Columbia posts a note on Galbraith and Hale's recent work on U.S. income inequality by sectors and states. For more interpretation, click here

  • Hamid Ali accepts a position as Assistant Professor in Public Policy, American Universiy of Cairo. His paper "Military Spending and Inequality, Panel Granger Causality Test" will be published in Journal of Peace Research soon.

  • Conference Presentation: James Galbraith, "The Evolution of Inequality Under Neoliberalism and After" at the X Annual Conference on Problems of Globalization and Development
    Date: March 6, 2008,
    Location: Havana, Cuba

  • WILL MANN RICHARDSON LECTURE: "Globalization and Inequality" by James Galbraith
    Date: Febuary 26, 2008,
    Location: Stephen F. Austin College, Denton, TX

  • Conference Presentation:
    "Growth with Equity? Pay Inequality in Chile during the democratic era (1990-2006)" by Laura Spagnolo, Alvaro Quezada, Viviana Salinas
    "School Choice and Equity: The impact of voucher schools on educational inequality in the Chilean case" by Alvaro Quezada-Hofflinger
    Conference: 2008 Latin American Social and Public Policy Conference
    Date: February 14-15, 2008
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA

  • Conference Presentation:
    "Growth with Equity? Pay Inequality in Chile during the democratic era(1990-2006)" by Laura Spagnolo, Alvaro Quezada, Viviana Salinas
    "School Choice and Equity: The impact of voucher schools on educational inequality in the Chilean case" by Alvaro Quezada-Hofflinger
    Conference: XXVIII Annual ILASSA Student Conference
    Date: February 7-9, 2008
    Location: Austin, Texas

  • Conference Presentation: "The Political-Economy of U.S.-China Relations" by James Galbraith
    Date: Febuary 9, 2008,
    Location: The Department of Economics at Drew University, NJ

  • Covey Lecture Series: "The Evolution of Inequality in America and the World: New Facts for a Stalemated Debate" by James Galbraith (See Flyer)
    Date: Febuary 5, 2008, 4:00-5:30
    Location: Crown Center Auditorium, Loyola University, Chicago

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